PDHP supports University of Michigan researchers whose work engages with the Population Dynamics Branch of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Within the field of population science,  PDHP focuses on enhancing the scientific innovation and impact of work within three primary research areas:

The Program promotes population dynamics research by providing resources and services that enhance affiliates’ competitiveness for peer-reviewed external funding in population dynamics, with a focus on early-career scientists; promote the development and dissemination of innovative data and methods; and foster a synergistic environment that stimulates innovation and productivity.

PDHP activities are administered by three cores:

  • The Administrative Core, which advances research by minimizing the administrative burden of managing research projects, disseminating faculty research, and promoting a collaborative environment in which affiliates are exposed to new ideas in and approaches to population science
  • The Development Core, which is dedicated to both training and mentoring the new generation of  PDHP population scientists – equipping them with the tools to engage successfully in NICHD-PDB research priorities – and supporting the creation of innovative projects by PDHP faculty at all levels
  • And the Scientific and Technical Core, which provides resources and guidance that help affiliates incorporate innovative interdisciplinary approaches into new applications for research support.

Grant support should be acknowledged in all publications using grant # P2CHD041028.