PDHP Workshop Series

Introduction to Multilevel Models

Kris Preacher

August 19, 2021

Slides, Lab Materials, & Software, Workshop Video is available here

poster crop for PDHP workshop, "Introduction to Multi-Level Models," by Kris Preacher, of Vanderbilt University


PDHP resumes our 2021 workshop series on Thursday, August 19th, with a workshop entitled Introduction to Multilevel Models, presented by Dr. Kris Preacher of Vanderbilt University’s Quantitative Methods program (within the Department of Psychology and Human Development). This half-day workshop is geared toward data analysts and researchers of all levels, particularly those performing analysis on hierarchically clustered (nested) data using Mplus, R, or SPSS. Attendees will receive an introduction to the key concepts of multilevel models (appropriate settings for their use over standard statistical models, equation conventions, and interpretation), as well as hands-on practice implementing state-of-the-art features of MLM using popular statistical software packages.

Topics include:

  • Key concepts and motivation for MLM vs. standard statistical models
  • Estimating and plotting interaction effects
  • Implications of nested vs. cross-classified mutlilevel data
  • Power analysis for MLM using a general Monte Carlo technique


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