Small Grants

PDHP provides seed funding for innovative research projects through the following mechanisms:

Mentoring and Proposal Development

PDHP encourages the mentoring of early-career population scientists and enhancement of all PDHP scientists’ competitiveness for peer-reviewed external funding through the following activities:

Methodological and Technical Support

PDHP supports the development and use of enhanced methods for collecting and analyzing demographic data and provides technical support and guidance for optimal computing and data practices through the following:

  • Methods Training and Development Workshop Series
  • Consultations on methods for data collection and analysis
  • Consultation on computing needs and available resources
  • Programming support and troubleshooting help
  • Consultation on acquiring and managing confidential data
  • And consultation on data sharing and archiving.

In addition to the free services offered above, fractional allocations of PDHP staff time are also available for hire by funded projects for regular long-term assistance with any technical needs your project may have.  These fractions are available on a first come first serve basis, and projects lacking full indirect cost coverage will be subject to an additional surcharge to cover overhead costs.  For further details and current availability, please contact Paul Schulz.

Unfunded Agreements (including Data Use Agreements)

OSRP has appointed two individuals (Maggie Swift and Eric Ward) to be on-site representatives at the ISR building for assistance with all unfunded agreements (UFAs) including data use agreements (both pre-existing and prospective).  They are located inside the ISR Business Office and are available for e-mail queries as well as in-person consultation during their set office hours or by appointment.

External Resources


Grant support should be acknowledged in all publications using grant # P2CHD041028.