Creating Web Applications with R-Shiny

Robert Ashmead

December 15th, 2023, 9am-1pm, 1430 ISR/Zoom

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Creating Web Applications with R-Shiny, a PDHP Workshop conducted by Robert Ashmead

Please join for the final PDHP workshop of 2023, “Creating Web Applications with R-Shiny”, presented by Robert Ashmead of Ohio State University. This hybrid (in-person and Zoom) workshop is geared toward R users from all disciplines, and will guide attendees on the creation and deployment of interactive web applications using R-Shiny. Attendees will receive hands-on practice creating a live R-Shiny web app, as well as tutorials on hosting & deploying their apps, and advanced features available to R-Shiny users. As always, this workshop is free and open to the public.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to the basics of R-Shiny
  • Guided creation of a live R-Shiny web application
  • Options for hosting and deploying R-Shiny applications
  • A tour of advanced features, including interactive maps, tables, and visualizations

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Video of the workshop is available here.

Slides & Lab Materials:

Download the slides.

Additional code and examples can be found on the presenter’s Github page.

Recommended Software:

The workshop will provide examples in R, as configured below:

––R Studio (strongly recommended)

––R packages can be installed using the following code:

# install R packages
packages_to_install = c(
#to install all of these
lapply(packages_to_install,  install.packages)

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