Recent Advances in Difference-in-Differences

Jonathan Roth

July 28th, 2023, 9am-1pm, Online Via Zoom

PDHP workshop: Recent Advances in Difference-in-Differences

Please join as we resume the 2023 PDHP workshop series on Friday, July 28th with “Recent Advances in Difference-in-Differences”, presented by Jonathan Roth of Brown University. This half-day workshop builds upon our January workshop covering DiD (although that is not a prerequisite), and is geared toward researchers and data analysts of all skill levels. This workshop will cover the current state-of-the-art in the DiD field, including discussion around testing for pre-tends, and new tools for research settings where parallel trends can not be assumed, while also providing hands-on practice with the latest tools using R & Stata. As always, this workshop is free and open to the public.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of the current state-of-the-art in DiD
  • Advantages and limitations of testing for pre-trends
  • New tools for settings where parallel trends can not be assumed
  • Coding exercises using new tools in R and Stata

Download Poster PDF


View the video of the workshop here (NOTE: requires you to login into Zoom)

Slides & Lab Materials:

Preliminary materials are currently hosted on the presenter’s Github page.

Recommended Software:

The workshop will provide examples in R and Stata, as configured below:

––R Studio (strongly recommended)

––R packages can be installed using the following code:

# install R packages (Diff-In-Diffs packages)

––Stata will rely on some user-written packages that can be installed as shown:

*install Stata user-written packages
ssc install csdid
ssc install drdid
ssc install reghdfe

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