Total Survey Error: a Framework For High Quality Survey Design

Brady T. West and Paul Schulz

October 23, 2018

Instructors Brady T. West and Paul Schulz are kicking off the new PDHP workshop series with an overview of the Total Survey Error framework and its implications for survey research.  This half-day workshop is geared toward survey researchers of all types and experience levels, and will cover the design, implementation, and monitoring of survey data collections using the TSE paradigm as a guiding set of principles.  The workshop will use a mix of conceptual discussions and team exercises to explore both the underlying theory and real world applications of the TSE paradigm in survey research.

Topics include:

  • Sources of survey error
  • Quantifying and evaluating TSE in a data collection
  • Implications of TSE for study design
  • TSE reduction strategies
  • Linking TSE and Responsive / Adaptive Survey Design

Presentation Slides for the workshop are available as: PDF, and  Power Point Slides.


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