A Practical Guide To Survey Weighting

Richard Valliant

November 12th, 2019


Please join us for the conclusion of the 2019 PDHP workshop series, as Richard Valliant (University of Michigan & University of Maryland Joint Program in Survey Methodology) presents “A Practical Guide To Survey Weighting“.  This workshop will present a comprehensive guide to the design and creation of survey weights, including sampling weights, nonresponse adjustment, and calibration, as well as approaches for weighting non-probability samples.

Additional topics include:

  • Stochastic missingness & nonresponse adjustment.
  • Calibration techniques including poststratification, raking, and GREG
  • Demonstration and hands-on practice using R and Stata.

Slides & Lab Materials:

Slides are available for download here
A zip file containing sample data, and all R and Stata code used in the workshop is available here


All computing techniques demonstrated in this workshop will be mirrored in both R and

R Users:

R software  (required)

-The lab uses 4 R packages (sampling, doBy, survey, and PracTools) which can be installed using the code below:

## install packages

Stata Users:

–Base Stata only with no special installs required


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