Sociogenomics & Polygenic Scores

Ben Domingue & Erin Ware

March 16, 2021 

2021 PDHP Workshop: Sociogenomics and Polygenic Scores, co-presented by Ben Domingue and Erin Ware

PDHP begins our 2021 workshop series on March 16th, with a workshop entitled Sociogenomics & Polygenic Scores, co-presented by Ben Domingue of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education and Erin Ware of the University of Michigan Population Neurodevelopment & Genetics Group.  This half-day workshop is geared toward data analysts interested in combining social science and genetic analysis, and will provide information on the recent history of sociogenomics and a novel approach for examining gene-by-environment interactions, as well as hands-on practice with state-of-art techniques in the field (including creating polygenic scores from simulated plink data using a high-performance computing environment).

Topics include:

  • Recent history of sociogenomics
  • A novel approach for examining gene-by-environment interactions
  • Hands-on introduction to high-performance computing and genetic data types
  • Computation of polygenic scores using PRSice2 software

Download Poster PDF

Slides & Lab Materials:

Part 1 slides (by Ben Domingue)

Part 2 slides (by Erin Ware)


The lab portion of this workshop will require connection to a ready-made Linux environment containing all necessary software (namely PRSice2).

  • RDP file for connecting to the Linux environment (works for Windows and Mac – login credentials will be provided during the workshop).
  • Lab code (also included in Part 2 slides above)